Leveraging Over 60 Years of Industry Experience

Concorde Hotel Group (CHG) provides asset management and advisory services to the hospitality industry. Offering a full range of services including restructuring, operating performance and developing sales and marketing capabilities, CHG maximizes property values while increasing return on investment for its clients.

Concorde Hotel Group

CHG’s core competencies include:

  • Consulting
  • Ownership & Developer Perspectives
  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Asset Management
  • Operations
  • Marketing and Branding

What helps set CHG apart from the competition is our company’s attention to detail along with a hands-on approach whereby the principals are actively involved with each client, providing exceptional insight and experience for those who choose to work with CHG.

The team, led bey Donald Monti and Michael Johnston, has been responsible for over $1 Billion in combined hotel asset values. Concorde understands how to drive revenue during periods of weak demand while maintaining tight controls on costs, enabling their clients to perform during downturns within the economy while positioning clients to capitalize on changing trends within the industry.

About Us

The recent economic downturn has created unique stresses for those within the hospitality industry. Concorde Hotel Group understands that in today’s exceptionally competitive arena it is essential to revisit traditional practices and methodologies to properly attune to today’s market realities. Our experience and expertise coupled with a “roll up your sleeves” approach provides clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to adjust their business practices and capitalize on new opportunities. Utilizing restructurings, repositionings and innovative asset management techniques, CHG assists clients in improving both top and bottom lines through increased sales and increased efficiencies.

CHG provides the following Benefits and Expertise:

  • Revenue Shortfalls and Cost Overrun Analyses
  • Acquisition & Disposition Strategies
  • Maximization of Property Values and ROI
  • Alignment with Owner Objectives
  • Market Study Updates and Data Analysis
  • Marketing and Branding Expertise
  • Optimization of Hotel Market Share Potential
  • Physical Plant Assessment


Please feel free to contact us at:

Concorde Hotel Group

9 Gerhard Road

Plainview, NY